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The ultimate guide for ensuring everyone at your company is using B31.3 to design process piping


Petroleum refineries and chemical processors need to ensure that feed product is converted into usable, valuable resources. Safe and reliable process piping systems are integral to efficient day-to-day operations, maximizing output and reducing costs.

The B31.3 Code is the standard that governs the design, installation and inspection of industrial-grade process piping. It gives engineers as many design options as possible, without compromising on safety. Organizations rely on engineering professionals who can use B31.3 to inform their designs—meaning it’s crucial that plant operators, their suppliers, and service providers are expertly interpreting and applying the code in every stage of the piping lifecycle.

What you'll learn

  • Common challenges for petroleum refineries and chemical processors
  • Key benefits of correctly applying the B31.3 Code to designs
  • FAQs answered by our industry expert, plus case study examples

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